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Neutralizing Antibody

SARS-CoV-2 uses the surface spike protein (S protein) to attach and invade host cells. The neutralizing antibody can recognize the virus surface protein, block the virus from binding to specific receptors on the cell surface, and prevent the virus from continuing to invade human cells. Neutralizing antibodies are antibodies that block virus invasion. Antibodies such as IgG/IgM are antibodies produced by the body after virus invasion. Evaluate vaccine efficacy, monitor infection rate, herd immunity and protective immunity, and evaluate vaccine efficacy during clinical trials and after mass vaccination.


Rapid 15 Minute Antigen Test

Have you got it? The Rapid Antigen test consists solely of a nasal swab. It is currently the only 15 minute Antigen test available in the UK. Testing can be carried out both onsite at one of our COVID secure testing facilities or in the comfort of your own home by one of our fully trained and insured medical operatives, ensuring accurate results and safeguarding against cross contamination.  Existing self-administered home testing swab kits provided by other suppliers, leave a great deal of room for user error and cross contamination and thus making results unreliable and inaccurate. 

This test is applicable for those that require testing for AIR TRAVEL, WORK or similar purposes.

Please note that it is the patient’s responsibility to understand the requirements of the Airline or test-requiring agency with regard to timing of the swab test and thus 15 Minute Covid Test cannot give specific advice in this respect.

Please be aware that on-site testing is only allowed if you are not showing any symptoms of COVID-19. If you are showing any sign of COVID-19 symptoms, please contact us directly to arrange off-site or mobile testing.

Post testing, an email will be sent to confirm the date, time & outcome of the test.

All Antigen test results are available within 15 minutes, although in many instances results are often faster. Please see the video below for a live demonstration and refer to our product page for more information.



PCR Test

COVID-19 testing technology has moved on fast during this period; each with their own unique use as part of a cocktail of tests to meet both screening and gold standard COVID-19 testing.

15 Minute Covid Test has partnered with a UK-based laboratory with experience in the Molecular and Clinical Diagnostics field to provide highly accredited ISO:15189 credentials to bring COVID-19 testing under this accreditation; a recognised standard that the Department of Health & Social Care has stipulated is the required standard of an operating laboratory offering COVID-19 test services.

PCR tests look for the genetic code (RNA) of the virus. The test involves taking a swab of the throat and nose. The test will confirm if an individual who is showing symptoms of the virus currently has it. It will not confirm whether they have had it and have now recovered. PCR tests take up to 48 hours as the collected samples need to be analysed by a UK based lab.


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